Political & Financial Risks

With an experienced and highly capable team, Antares is a leading provider of credit and political risk insurance to banks, export credit agencies, multilateral institutions and corporates.

The business benefits from the consistently strong security ratings assigned to Lloyd’s: “A+” from Standard & Poor’s, “AA-” from Fitch and “A” from A.M. Best.

The Political and Financial Risks team have the ability to provide solutions addressing the full range of political and credit risk perils, including:

Political Risk:

  • Expropriatory acts by a host government
  • Currency inconvertibility
  • License cancelation
  • Physical damage to operations, or forced abandonment, due to war or terrorism

Credit Risk:

  • Non-payment and non-performance
  • Pre and post shipment losses

The team particularly focuses on the provision of credit insurance, covering non-payment by sovereign entities (termed contract frustration) – as well as private and quoted companies (termed credit) – under trade and non-trade financings. We have a broad remit and expertise spanning a wide range of asset classes, including general corporate, commodity, asset (shipping and aviation), project, trade and sovereign financing. We have the ability to provide coverage for up to 7 years on credit insurance policies, and up to 15 years for contract frustration policies.

The Political and Financial Risk team have a wide geographical footprint due to the capability to underwrite risks on the Lloyd’s London, Lloyd’s Brussels and Lloyd’s Singapore platforms, aligning the team to key client locations. 

We adopt a client-centric and partnership approach, through establishing long-term working relationships with our insureds (via a small number of highly specialised brokers). This, together with our insight on latest market/economic dynamics and technical understanding, enables the team to provide timely and high-quality service to our clients. 

Key features
  • Dedicated and dynamic team committed to first-class service with swift response times
  • A leading position within the obligor default market, with widely recognised analytical and technical capabilities
  • A broad risk appetite spanning both developed and emerging markets for trade and non-trade transactions involving investment grade and high-yield obligors
  • Line sizes of up to $30m and tenors out to 15 years

Key Contacts:

James Thomas Class Underwriter, Political & Financial Risk +44(0)207 959 1856 [email protected]
Callum Matthews Deputy Underwriter, Political & Financial Risk +44(0)207 959 1919 [email protected]
David Motherway Underwriter & Analyst, Political & Financial Risk +44(0)207 959 1811 [email protected]
Oliver Heath Underwriting Assistant, Political & Financial Risks +44(0)207 959 1916 [email protected]

Head of Division

Martin Campbell Head of Specialty +44(0)207 959 1834 [email protected]



Lloyd’s Box: Box 180, Gallery 1, Lloyd’s / Hours: 15.00–16.30 (or by appointment)


London Office: 21 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HB