Our property treaty account is primarily comprised of catastrophe and risk excess of loss business and we have the flexibility to offer both Antares Re and Lloyd’s rated paper through Antares at Lloyd’s (Syndicate 1274).  We favour personal lines and small commercial writers for catastrophe protections and large industrial and commercial writers for risk excess of loss business.  Our underwriting is both qualitative and quantitative.  We have a suite of robust rating tools and utilise the Verisk catastrophe model, enabling a blended rating approach and independent risk assessment.  

Our catastrophe writings have a global scope and are well spread internationally with no over-reliance on any one region or client.  Single territory/state and regional business makes up the majority of the portfolio. Geographically, North America is the largest exposed region, followed by Japan and then Europe. 

Our underwriting team is comprised of experienced and highly qualified specialists with direct experience of the regions we underwrite. We focus on developing long term relationships with our key clients and look to provide them with capacity across the market cycle.

Key Contacts:

Sean Belton Senior Underwriter, Property (Bermuda) +1 441 400 50 60 [email protected]
Jonathan Ball Underwriter, Property CAT (Bermuda) +1 441 400 50 63 [email protected]
Tyler Mallory Assistant Underwriter, Property CAT (Bermuda) +1 441 400 50 67 [email protected]
Christia Maxwell
Christia Maxwell Underwriting Assistant, Property CAT (Bermuda) +1 441 400 50 84 [email protected]

Head of Division

Tom Sperryn-Jones Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer, Antares Re & Global Head of Cat Business +1 441 400 50 72 [email protected]



Bermuda Office: 71 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke HM08, Bermuda