Structured & Financial Risks, Credit and Surety

Structured & Financial Risks, Credit and Surety, covers a wealth of risk including the categories listed further below. Whether Insurance or Reinsurance, it is based using the same instruments as traditional covers such as excess of loss or quota share. The main differentiator is that Structured Risks combines risk transfer and risk financing elements on a multi-line and/or multi-year basis. Therefore, these instruments offer the possibility of capital relief, optimisation of the balance sheet and risk smoothing over time.

Mortgage Risk can be as straight forward as ground up lender cover, through to Basel Ill capital structures, individual loans to portfolios.

Residual Value, unlike Mortgage Risk, is a one point in time cover used in finance structures traditionally to cover balance sheet asset risk. From Aircraft to Ships, Property to Equipment, RVI can be designed to assist in the financing of assets.

A general appetite exists where we see an asset, a financial risk, sometimes a credit risk and a client desire to use our structures to enhance their positions not just exit their risk. That said, we are more than capable of providing Loss Portfolio Transfer and Adverse Development covers where required.

Globalisation, a more volatile economic environment and the impact of the last financial crisis have all reinforced the need for adequate protection against credit and political risks. Credit insurance is a valid security instrument, especially for small and medium-sized companies lacking access to capital markets or bank loans.

Structuring can be as simple as looking at a problem in a different way, using tools such as captives, sliding scales and risk sharing mechanisms, so please feel free to come and talk to us and work together to achieve your required outcome.

Key features
  • Mortgage Risks
  • Residual Value Risks
  • Structured Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Surety Risk

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